Another Metal Hip Implant Related Health Risk Has Been Reported.

Yet another metal on metal hip implant risk has been reported in the news recently. An ABC Good Morning America story recently caught our attention. Paula Spurlock, of Denver Colorado has manifested an overall allergic reaction to her metal hip implant.

Paula’s troubles began with an all over itching sensation, accompanied with pain all over her body. After being tested by an allergist with the standard battery of tests, the 50 year old Paula Spurlock was left with no answers. She suffered from the pain, itching and regular migraines for nearly two years before doctors discovered the potential that her metal hip implant was causing her symptoms.

Luckily for Paula, doctors ran a positron emission tomography (PET) test and happened to notice her hip lit up in the results. After more extensive skin tests, the source of the symptoms was determined. Paula was allergic to the cobalt in one of her two hip implants. In an interesting turn, Paula Spurlock has two hip implants of different make and manufacture, and only one of them gave her an allergic reaction.

In a similar turn as other defective metal implants, the nickel implant Paula had been outfitted with had abraded and left nickel shavings in the lining of her hip. Paula’s allergy may have been a blessing in disguise, as patients who do not show this allergy can suffer from metal build up until it causes blood poisoning. Like other metal on metal hip implants, Paula’s had no prior indicators that it may act as an allergen in patients.

This type of allergic reaction to metal on metal implants is a new development, but not surprising given the history of these implants. With FDA fast tracking protocols available, many implants are pushed onto the market with absolute minimal testing. Patients suffering from all manner of health issues due to defective, recalled and problematic implants are coming forward more and more regularly. Csengeri Law is here to help each and every one of them.

Csengeri Law is dedicated to helping victims of defective and recalled hip implants, as well as patients suffering from metal implant related complications. Steve Csengeri, the firm’s founder and chief legal advocate has devoted himself to defending patients of faulty implants. Csengeri Law offers free consultations to any patient with difficulties stemming from a metal on metal hip implant. Call (310) 862-2916 if you have questions about your rights regarding a metal hip implant.


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