Dangerous Implants and Implant Related Laws

Csengeri Law Wants to Keep You Informed About Dangerous Implants and Implant Related Law.

Welcome to the official blog of Csengeri Law! Here at Csengeri Law, we are devoted to providing people who have suffered at the hands of faulty or defective medical implants. We pay careful attention to the past, present and future of implant related legal matters. We have worked extensively to ensure that patients are apprised of their rights and potential legal recourses to a defective or recalled implant. This blog represents our newest effort to bring information regarding the big implant manufacturers to the public, as well as offering information on other implant related medical matters.

Tens of thousands of patients can suffer when firms like Zimmer, DePuy and Stryker release a faulty implant. At Csengeri Law, we’re devoted to helping these patients in every way we can. That means offering top notch legal representation as well as regularly offering consultations to implant victims. We also like to keep the public informed on the latest legal trials, medical discoveries and other implant related legal matters. Just being informed of the rights and options available can help patients state of mind, which can be important to a full scale recovery after an implant goes wrong.

Our founder, Steve Csengeri has dedicated himself to helping patients who have suffered. This course was made clear as Steve recovering from his own implant and winning the first settlement for the Zimmer Durom Cup.  Each and every one of us at Csengeri law is as dedicated as Steve and will be working to give you the latest in implant related knowledge and advice. Check back in for regular updates on the state of ongoing issues like the Stryker Rejuvenate and DePuy ASR recalls, as well as the latest medical updates.


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