DePuy ASR Recall

DePuy ASR Hip Replacement: Defective and Withdrawn from the market

Well, there they go again. Another medical device manufacturer, DePuy, has withdrawn its ASR (Articulating Surface Replacement, DePuy ASR recall) hip implant from the market after denying for two years there was a flaw in the product. New York Times reporter, Barry Meiers, in his March 9, 2010 article, “With Warning A Hip Device is Withdrawn”, notes the device has failed at a significantly higher rate than other similar devices. This has resulted in painful replacement surgeries .

Despite over 300 complaints about this product, DePuy has blamed the doctors who use their product rather than admit there is a design failure. Further, DePuy has not warned patients about the potential dangers of the use of this product and its growing failure rate. DePuy has known for years that this device is more of a challenge than other similar devices to implant, admits the ASR designer, Dr. Thomas P. Schmalzried. Orthopedic surgeons, such as Dr. Harlan C. Amstutz of Los Angeles, believe that it is the design of DePuy ASR that has caused these problems.

From DePuy: “Last fall (2009), DePuy decided to discontinue ASR® XL Acetabular Head System and DePuy ASR Hip Resurfacing Platform (not available in the U.S.) worldwide. As a result of declining demand for the ASR platform and other market factors, they are in the process of phasing out this platform to focus on the development of next generation hip replacement and resurfacing technologies that best meet the needs of surgeons and patients.

” We want to assure patients who have been treated with a device from the ASR platform that there will be options available to them in the future should they need a revision: If a patient who had received DePuy ASR XL Acetabular Head System for total hip replacement requires a revision surgery, the acetabular component could be revised with the Pinnacle Hip Solutions platform, which would be compatible with an existing well-fixed femoral stem. As with any hemi-resurfacing prosthesis, including the DePuy ASR® hemi arthroplasty, a patient requiring a revision procedure would generally be treated with a total DePuy ASR hip replacement.

“For patients outside the U.S. treated with DePuy ASR® Hip Resurfacing (not commercially available in the U.S.), DePuy intends to maintain an inventory of ASR XL heads outside the U.S. for use on compatible DePuy femoral stems. This will allow surgeons outside the U.S. the option of retaining a well-fixed ASR Cup when appropriate as part of the revision procedure”.


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