Depuy ASR Settlement

There are various types of artificial hips available on the market today. Most are composed of a mixture of metal, plastic or ceramic. But a new type of artificial hip has been introduced recently, made completely out of metal. While they were promoted as a next generation hip replacement, these metal on metal implants have receive attention from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration due to reported problems.

A hip replacement system is composed of different parts. One of those is the ball and socket that mimics the organic hip and allows movement. In some of the new hip replacements, both the ball and the socket are made entirely out of metal. The problem with these all metal parts is that if there are imperfections with their design, potentially severe complications could result for the patient. Reported side effects include inflammation, release of metal ions in the body, difficulty walking, pain and failure of the implant.

One of the most dangerous problems is the release of metal ions as friction between the ball and the cup causes microscopic metallic shavings to separate from the implant. This can lead to a condition called metallosis when the metal ions start entering the bloodstream. Even at low concentrations, these metal ions can cause inflammation, severe pain, as well as problems with the thyroid gland, heart or nervous system.

The DePuy ASR is one of the metal on metal hip implants that has been the subject of attention due to potential defects. Any patient that currently has the DePuy ASR implanted should be aware of the risks involved and pay close attention to symptoms that may indicate the device might have a defect.

If you notice any side effects from the hip implant, even if they seem minor, you should consult your orthopedic surgeon to have the implant inspected. This can help prevent more serious complications from arising. In some cases, it may be necessary to completely replace the implant.

Those who have suffered negative reactions to metal on metal hip replacement devices should know that legal recourse is available. There are currently hundreds of cases which are pending in California State Court related to potentially defective hip implant products. If you have been injured by a hip replacement should consult an experienced attorney that specializes in personal injury cases. This can help you better understand your legal rights as well as the remedies that may be available to you.

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