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The First of DePuy Settlements Announced

The first of lawsuit settlements from DePuy parent company, Johnson & Johnson, were announced recently with an estimated $600,000 to settle the first three cases of an estimated 8,000 lawsuits brought against the company for its faulty hip implants back in 2010. Over 90,000 ASR hip implants worldwide were recalled by DePuy in 2010 when more than 12% of the devices failed within the first five years of replacement.

Johnson & Johnson’s DePuy unit is estimated to pay out $200,000 per case on three cases that were expected to go to trial later this year. According to Eric Gordon, a business professor from the University of Michigan, the payout was on the “low end of what the company should have expected”, stating that Johnson & Johnson could have expected to pay out onwards of up to $500,000 to settle each case.

For more information about the first settlements of the DePuy lawsuits, click here.

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