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Top 5 Most Common Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury cases are filed each and every day in the United States.  It’s an area of law that was created to help protect people against the negligence of another party, whether that’s private party (like another individual) or a company that may sell a faulty or harmful product.

Below are the five most common types of personal injury cases (in no particular order) and tips for winning a particular case.

Common Personal Injury Case #1: Automobile Accidents. In Los Angeles, in particular, auto accidents happen just about every second.  With tens to hundreds of thousands of people out on the road at any given time, it’s inevitable that auto accidents are going to happen.  Despite the fact that accidents will sometimes happen, there is usually a party that is at fault and if there is significant enough damage or injuries, a personal injury claim may be filed against the other party.

Common Personal Injury Case #2: Faulty Product Liability.  Consumers purchase a variety of products with the assumption that the product is safe and going to benefit them somehow.  However, there are times where products that were intended to help a consumer actually ends up causing some kind of harm or injury.  Such was the case of the metal hip replacement products and components, Stryker, Zimmer Durom Cup and DePuy ASR.  Companies have an obligation to consumers to produce products that are safe and when it’s clear that there is some kind of complication or fault with a product, consumers then have a right to seek damages that may result due to pain, suffering and medical expenses involved in treating such injuries.

Common Personal Injury Case #3: Medical Malpractice. Similar to faulty products, doctors are held to a standard of care that puts patients in a position of trusting a doctor’s expert advice and treatment.  When such treatment ends up being harmful, causing injury (or even death), the negligence on the part of the doctor may be cause for a medical malpractice claim against that doctor.

Common Personal Injury Case #4: Work-Related Accidents.  Work-related accidents are also extremely common among personal injury cases, partly because people spend much of their time at work and injuries on the job are bound to happen, but also because people often have to do certain tasks involved in the job that may then result in some type of injury.  There could be negligence on the part of the employer to provide the necessary items for an employee to complete their job safely and without injury.  This can include the necessary safety training, equipment, or supervision.

Common Personal Injury Case #5: Dog Bites.  Dog bites are another common personal injury case, particularly in a society where the beloved furry friends are considered family. According to The Humane Society, it’s estimated that 46% of American households own at least one dog, totaling over 78 million dogs.  With that many dogs and as many people in this country, accidents and dog bites are bound to happen.  Improperly securing a dog inside a fenced or gated yard or having your dog on a leash are easy ways for a dog bite victim to show negligence on the part of a dog owner, which would result in a potential personal injury case.

If you or someone you know have suffered any kind of injury as a result of any of the above types of cases, or any other case where you feel that an individual or company may have been negligent, contact the Csengeri Law today at (310) 373-9330 to set up a free consultation to discuss your case.

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