My Personal Story

I was diagnosed with avascular necrosis (also known as osteonecrosis) in my hips in November 2006. I checked with all the best known orthopedic surgeons in my area to find the right one for the hip replacement surgery I needed. Every surgeon I met told me the reason they were so well qualified was because they trained under Dr. Dorr of the Dorr Arthritis Institute. Well, I then thought that I should check out this Dr. Dorr. The more I learned of this world renowned surgeon, the more I was certain he was the surgeon for me.

I selected Dr. Dorr and I had a total hip replacement surgery in February of 2007. I was very satisfied with Dr. Dorr and his staff’s performance of my surgery and hospital stay. As I was recovering after my surgery, unfortunately I didn’t obtain the results that either I or Dr. Dorr expected. I had a constant limp, pain, and no endurance.

Dr. Dorr then conducted research and was of the opinion that my problem from the surgery was related to the Zimmer Durom cup that was used in my hip replacement surgery. He explained to me what the defect was in the Zimmer Durom cup and let me know I wasn’t the only one to have this problem from this particular cup.

Dr. Dorr recommended to me a revision hip surgery to replace the Zimmer Durom cup. I agreed and he replaced it with a different cup than the Zimmer Durom cup in March 2008. I’m now on the road to recovery and not experiencing the problems I had after surgery the first time from the Zimmer Durom cup. I now believe I will obtain the result I expected the first time around.

I was pretty upset at what I suffered for so long from using the defective Zimmer Durom cup in my first surgery. So, as an experienced products liability attorney, in 2008 I conducted research and made an investigation to determine if I had a legal claim against Zimmer for the damages to me from the Zimmer Durom cup. I concluded I would have a valid claim.

In 2008 I then made a claim against Zimmer for the damages I suffered from using their Durom cup. It turns out mine was the first claim made. My claim has also been recently resolved and was the first resolved Zimmer Durom cup claim. Coincidentally, on the same day my claim was resolved, Zimmer announced a sales halt in the United States of the Zimmer Durom cup.

Since 2008, I have continued to represent victims of the Zimmer Durom cup throughout the United States. I have forced Zimmer to pay compensation to my clients for the suffering they have endured from this defective hip implant.