Stephen Csengeri has Over Three Decades of Personal Injury Related Legal Experience.

Stephen Csengeri has served clients with personal injury related legal advice since 1983 and continues to offer compassionate expertise for clients with a wide range of personal injury related issues. Steven Csengeri opened Csengeri Law in Torrance, CA in 2001. Csengeri Law focuses primarily on clients who are dealing with pain, suffering and other difficulties related to personal injury. This type of personal injury law can include injuries due to defective and recalled medical devices, serious auto accidents, premises liability and direct personal injury claims.

Stephen Csengeri understands first hand how crippling a personal injury can be, and not only in terms of the actual physical injury. When someone suffers a personal injury by no fault of their own, it can cause substantial problems across the board. The financial burden an injury causes can be crippling in its own right. Hospital and doctor visits for a person or family who are unprepared for a medical emergency can be even more crippling than care for an insured party.

It’s troubling for many personal injury clients who were prepared, and still found themselves on the wrong side of an insurance claim. When a person has all of their insurances in order and suffer an injury that an opposing insurance firm denies a claim it can be a devastating blow. A skilled personal injury attorney can be extremely helpful when it comes to dealing with this type of issue.

Csengeri Law is standing by to help clients who are dealing with a personal injury related issue and don’t know where to turn. With three decades of personal injury legal experience and over a decade in Csengeri Law, Stephen Csengeri is always willing to help. Stephen Csengeri knows full well how difficult an injury can be and offers free consultations to all personal injury clients. Beyond this, Csengeri Law works on a contingency for personal injury cases. In short, Csengeri Law only gets paid when a client is successfully compensated for their personal injury. If you or a loved one is suffering from a personal injury and are in need of a legal advocate, call Csengeri Law at (310) 862-2916


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